Our Fitting Service / Installation

All Garage Doors and automatic operators installed by trained and qualified installation engineers.
Rest assured when you use our services only trained professionals employed directly by us will visit your property. We don’t use any third parties or sub contractors.
A replacement Garage Door is a big investment. Typically we are replacing garage doors that are between 15 – 30 years old, therefore it is important that it is installed correctly and to a high standard.
Sounds expensive? NO- For every order placed with our installation team based on the current RRP of the product, the fitting of the Garage Door and / or operator will be free of charge. We strongly believe that a quality garage door installation should be standard practice and not an opportunity to charge a premium, therefore with us it’s completely FREE.

Our Optional Free Service

If a quality garage door installation isn’t enough we also offer an optional free service after the first 12 months.
Garage Door Manufacturers recommend that a garage door is serviced at least once a year to maintain optimum performance and continued reliability of the door.
One of the most common reasons for a garage door to fail is simply lack of general maintenance on the door. Therefore during our free service call we can instruct you how best to maintain your particular door on a regular basis and answer any questions you may have regarding the ongoing care of your garage door. If carried out correctly, you should have many years of trouble free use.