About us

In the market for construction components, more and more gates, doors, frames and operators carry the Hörmann name, making Hörmann Europe's leading provider of such products.This leadership of the family company

has been attained through decades of continuous growth as a result of innovation, ensured quality and proximity to the customer.

Today, the Hörmann Group is run by the third and fourth generation, i.e. the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of company founder August Hörmann. Thomas J. Hörmann, Martin J. Hörmann, and Christoph Hörmann are the personally liable general partners.

Matching up-and-over doors and sectional doors

Your home is more beautiful if the overall appearance is harmonious. For this reason, Hörmann provides garage side doors matching the garage door.

Side doors are very practical if you want to access items in your garage without opening the garage door completely. Or, perhaps your driveway is short and your second vehicle is parked in front of the garage, blocking access to the door.

The adjacent catalogues provide comprehensive information and, of course, your Hörmann partner would behappy to give you individual advice.